Criminal Records:

All criminal records are generally considered privileged and do not become public record until adjudicated. In certain instances records falling into the following categories, specified by La. R. S. 44.1 and 44.3, continue to be privileged because of the very nature of the information contained therein after adjudication and shall not be released except in response to a lawful court order:

* Investigative reports
* Supplemental reports (aside form property information)
* Statements
* Reports revealing the identity of undercover officers
* Reports identifying juvenile status offenders
* Reports detailing investigative techniques
* Reports detailing security procedures
* Reports containing training information
* Reports detailing investigative technical equipment or instructions on the use thereof
* Reports identifying confidential sources

Types of Documents subject to release, and exceptions :

Arrest Reports:

Booking information is public record. All requests for booking information on any arrest made in Union Parish are available through the Union Parish Sheriff's Office.  The Union Parish arrest book is in the Criminal Division of the Union Parish Sheriff's Office, Farmerville, LA Courthouse.

Requests for "Arrest Reports" are generally public record provided the specific arrest has been adjudicated (completed the court process) and the documentation supporting the adjudication is on file. Only arrest records containing the final disposition of each specific arrest can be released.

Arrest reports falling into the following categories are termed as being "privileged" and therefore shall not be released whether adjudicated or not:

* Arrests reports that identify any victim of a sexual offense.
* Arrest reports containing the identity of any "undercover" law enforcement officer, or any arrest report that could by it's very nature identify an "undercover" officer.
* The arrest report of any person identified as a "Status Offender" as defined in the Code of Juvenile Procedure. (Juvenile)

Incident reports (First Reports):

First reports involving criminal offenses where it is not generally considered that an arrest is not eminent may be released upon request. These types of reports usually consist of reports of property crime (thefts, burglary, etc.) requested by victims, or their representative (insurance company) for insurance purposes.

It is imperative to note that the first report is the only portion considered public record. No investigative or supplemental reports may be released except supplemental information involving a listing of property damaged, lost, stolen, or recovered.

The cost of Incident Reports is $7.00, to be paid in Cash, Money Order or Cashiers Check, during the business hours of the Civil Office, Monday - Friday 8 am to 4:40 pm.

Auto Accident Reports:

Motor Vehicle Accident Investigative Reports are to be released and considered public record. Exceptions include fatality and/or severe injury accident reports that may be pending a grand jury decision. In these cases only the front and rear (page one and two) of the initial page may be released.

 Who can obtain an Accident Report:

* A person involved in the accident
* Owner of the vehicle that was involved in the accident

* Parent of a minor involved in the accident
* Attorney representing a person involved in the accident
* Insurance company of a person involved in the accident

* Utility company that suffered property damage as the result of the accident

* Citizen who suffered property damage as a result of the accident - proof of address must be provided by the citizen

The cost of Accident Reports is $7.00, to be paid in Cash, Money Order or Cashiers Check, during the business hours of the Civil Office, Monday - Friday 8 am to 4:40 pm.

Supplemental Reports:

As stated above supplemental or investigative reports are privileged and shall not be released. The only exception being supplemental reports detailing property damaged, lost, stolen, or recovered.

Reports Involving Juveniles:

Any arrest report of a juvenile or any incident report identifying a suspect who is a juvenile is considered privileged. These reports can not be released without a court order.

Incident reports containing the identity of juveniles who were victims, witnesses, reporting persons, complainants or persons interviewed are public record; however the identifiers of any juvenile shall be stricken
"blacked out" (utilizing a thick black marker) from all places in which the identifiers appear on any incident report.


Photographs that are available within any of the above parameters cost $7.00 PER Photograph and requires the purchase of entire roll that has to be processed.